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No Girls Allowed in Michael Jackson’s Recording Studio

Photo: Getty Images

Sorry, Ladies: According to the Post, reputed cocksman Michael Jackson is hard at work in a Las Vegas recording studio on his comeback album. To minimize distraction, he’s “sworn off women for the time being.” [NYP]

Mariah in No Danger of Winning Oscar: Proving just how difficult it is to write an Oscar blog in April, Gold Derby’s venerable Tom O’Neil authors a post that dares to ask the question, Will Mariah Carey be nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Tennessee? (Answer: no.) [Gold Derby /LAT]

Carly Smithson: Satan? According to American Idol message boards, ousted contestant Carly Smithson may have been voted off the show because Christians were offended by her decision to do a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Judas-y musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Remaining finalists are urged to tread carefully during next week’s Slayer night. [NYT]

Boll to Judge Boll Challenge: What could possibly make the previously announced Boll Challenge — in which awful filmmakers will compete to make movies as bad as Uwe Boll’s — even more exciting? Uwe Boll himself has volunteered to serve as judge. [Matthew Dessem]

Starbucks Quits Music Business: Starbucks has turned over control of its record label, Hear Music, to Concord Music Group after executives at the coffee chain came to their senses. [Variety]

No Girls Allowed in Michael Jackson’s Recording Studio