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Oliver Stone Finds His Condi and Tony, But Who Will Paul Giamatti Play?

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Two More for Stone’s Biopic: Thandie Newton says good-bye to being Norbit’s girlfriend and hello to playing Condoleezza Rice in Oliver Stone’s W. Joining her is Fantastic Four’s Ioan Gruffudd, who will harness his innate accent to play Tony Blair; Michael Sheen is not amused. The question remains: Will Paul Giamatti be cast? And as Karl Rove or Dick Cheney? [HR]

Maguire Pets the Rabbit: Endgame Entertainment has acquired the dramatic thriller spec Hungry Rabbit Jumps for Tobey Maguire to headline. Spec, from Even Money’s Robert Tannen, has been described along the lines of David Fincher’s The Game. You may remember Maguire from another movie about games: Fred Savage’s The Wizard. [Variety]

MGM Running in Circles: MGM threw down 3 million smackers for Robert Ludlum’s The Matarese Circle, to be adapted by 3:10 to Yuma’s Michael Brandt and Derek Haas. Producers plan to contemporize the Cold War story about a CIA and KGB agent who put aside their differences and work together against an international gang of criminals. Ah, Robert Ludlum, is there any genre you can’t master? Spy thrillers … spy thrillers … international-espionage thrillers … [Variety]

Sex Pistols Aim for DVD: Punk goes legit as the Sex Pistols announce a DVD of their 2007 reunion shows at London’s Brixton Academy, The Sex Pistols: There’ll Always Be an England. It’s believed that the DVD will perfectly re-create the concertgoing experience by including a spray bottle of Johnny Rotten’s spit. [Billboard]

Murphy Brown Goes to War: Candice Bergen has joined Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in Fox 2000’s Bride Wars, the story of two best friends with identical wedding dates. Bergen will play “the queen of all wedding planners,” who presumably has a new secretary every week. [Variety]

Oliver Stone Finds His Condi and Tony, But Who Will Paul Giamatti Play?