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Pete Wentz Sufficiently Convinced of John Mayer’s Legendary Status

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“Back in the day, Eddie Van Halen played on ‘Beat It,’ and I don’t believe he was in the video. And we were trying to think about who is a contemporary guitar guy who’s going to go down as a legend.” —Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz on recruiting guitar legend John Mayer to play on their Michael Jackson cover [MTV]

“Anthony Lane is a very witty, very funny writer — and he doesn’t know shit about movies.” —former Village Voice film critic Nathan Lee [Rotten Tomatoes]

“I like the one I made for the show that says Half Centaur, which would imply that I am half-centaur. So let’s say that my dad is half-human and half-horse and my mom is all human, and then if you look at me I just look like a regular human because the horse gene was recessive on me.” —30 Rock writer Judah Friedlander on his self-designed trucker hats [NYO]

“According to the rules of our show, a communication between sat phones is not affected by temporal distortion, but if you were to send a radio broadcast and/or a telegraph message, it would be affected by temporal distortion. That’s the scoop for Popular Mechanics and Popular Mechanics only.” —Lost producer Carlton Cuse [Popular Mechanics]

“He played a vampire and was nominated for an Oscar. I played a vampire and took most of my clothes off.” Scott Speedman on not being able to bond with Willem Dafoe about playing vampires [BlackBook]

Pete Wentz Sufficiently Convinced of John Mayer’s Legendary Status