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Quiz: Which Upcoming Fake-Looking TV Shows and Movies Are Actually Real?

Courtesy of CBS, Disney, Fox, and Sony. Or did we just make them up?

MILF Island only debuted a week ago (on last Thursday’s episode of 30 Rock), and already it’s being universally hailed as the greatest fake reality show of all time. It wasn’t funny because it was ridiculous — it was funny because it wasn’t that much more ridiculous than much of the other nonsense Hollywood is green-lighting these days. It could be post-writers’-strike desperation, or recession-inflicted ad shortages, or maybe just a good, old-fashioned lack of ideas, but the premises of real movies and television shows are getting so idiotic, it’s becoming difficult to tell them apart from the increasingly incisive satire. Really, just watch the trailer for next month’s Patrick Dempsey vehicle, Made of Honor, and tell us it’s not too stupid to be real. But it is real!

After the jump are ten movies and TV shows, some real, some made up — can you guess which are which?

1. My Own Worst Enemy
In this hour-long drama, two guys — one a boring suburban-office drone with a family and a minivan; the other, a secret agent with a license to kill — are living in the same body!

2. Shark Taggers
A reality show on which daredevil marine biologists swim after sharks and place tags on them.

3. Beverly Hills Chihuahua
A comedy about a talking, well-off Chihuahua named Chloe, accustomed to a charmed life in Beverly Hills, who’s accidentally abandoned in Mexico. How will she find her way home? With the help of other talking dogs!

4. Miss Conception
Single and told by a doctor that she only has a month left before menopause, a beautiful 33-year-old woman must race against her biological clock to become impregnated as quickly as possible.

5. Space Chimps
After a wayward spaceship gets sucked into a black hole, NASA hires the grandson of the first-ever monkey in outer space to find it. But he’s a circus performer, not an astronaut!

6. Mall Cop (a.k.a. Untitled Kevin James Comedy)
A wisecracking, overweight mall security guard (Kevin James) must solve mall-related crimes to win the heart of a beautiful mall-kiosk owner.

7. I Love You Man
As his wedding fast approaches, a newly engaged guy without any friends searches for a male buddy to serve as his best man.

8. Hotel Transylvania
Dejected after CGI has put them out of work, movie monsters Frankenstein, the Mummy, Dracula, and the Werewolf rent a place together in Transylvania. High jinks ensue, presumably.

9. America’s Greatest Dog
American dogs compete to see which is truly worthy of being named the greatest.

10. I Survived a Japanese Game Show
On this reality game show, Americans are whisked away to Japan, where they’re hit repeatedly in the groin for your amusement.

1. Real
2. Real
3. Real
4. Real
5. Real
6. Real
7. Real
8. Real
9. Real
10. Real

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Quiz: Which Upcoming Fake-Looking TV Shows and Movies Are Actually Real?