R. Kelly Goes for a Haircut

Photo: FilmMagic

1. R. Kelly, “Hairbraider”
Obviously seeking to put claims about his kinky eccentricities to rest, R. Kelly has written this song about the qualities he looks for in a good hairdresser (chief among them: superior stripping ability). [Real Talk NY]

2. Busta Rhymes, “Don’t Touch Me (Throw da Water on ‘em)”
Since Kellz seems to have cornered the market on crazy these days, the usually reliably wacky Busta admits defeat and turns in this straightforward (and awesome) banger over a sweet bongo beat. [Get Weird Turn Pro]

3. El Guincho, “Cover Me (Björk cover)”
Spain’s hottest new indie star out-crazies Björk on this track for Stereogum’s tribute series. She was asking for it. [Stereogum]

4. Wolf Parade, “Fine Young Cannibals”
From the title, you might wonder if Wolf Parade was inspired to write this song by eighties pop music or Natalie Wood. (Weirdly, it actually seems to have been Bruce Springsteen.) [Ryan’s Smashing Life]

5. Banjo or Freakout, “Atlas (Battles cover)”
This production is so warped that we really can’t tell if there’s a banjo in the mix. There’s definitely a freak-out, though. [Keep Hope Inside]
—Ehren Gresehover

R. Kelly Goes for a Haircut