Radiohead Is Tired: Make Your Own Damn Music

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

1. Radiohead, “Nude” (Holy Fuck remix)
Exhausted from acting as their own record label these past few months, Radiohead launched a new Website today where fans can remix the band’s current single and amuse themselves for a while, so Thom Yorke can get some rest for once. [Radiohead Remix]

2. Just Jazzin, “Just Jazzin Live”
For an April Fools’ prank, Ben Gibbard recorded himself playing a vibraphone solo, then posted it on MySpace. Truthfully, it’s not bad. [MySpace]

3. G-Unit, “I Like the Way She Do It”
Here’s the purported first single from 50 Cent & Co.’s forthcoming album, likely recorded back when he was a Hillary supporter. [Nah Right]

4. Yelle, “ACDG” (Riot in Belgium remix)
Yelle is currently being hailed around the blogosphere as France’s answer to M.I.A., except with more songs about dildos. [Beats]

5. Rick Astley, “Never Gonna Give You Up”
As you’ve probably been wondering where to download this hot jam, we figured we’d do a little public service. You’re welcome. [Fuck Yeah! Go Team!]

Radiohead Is Tired: Make Your Own Damn Music