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Richard Gere Gets Back to Work; Dalai Lama Secretly Pleased

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Gere Flying High and Feeling Fine: Richard Gere will star with Hilary Swank in Amelia, the story of Amelia Earhart, famed aviator who lived a long life and died peacefully in her bed. But that ain’t enough for our man Gere; he also wants to be in Brooklyn’s Finest, a crime thriller about three vastly different cops at the same crime scene. And what Gere wants, Gere gets. Unless Gere wants to put up a fence around his country inn. [Variety]

Bloom Running in Circles: Orlando Bloom will star in Studio Canal’s remake of Alain Delon’s 1970 crime thriller, Le Cercle Rouge. As Bloom recently declared war on color by painting his mansion entirely black, don’t be surprised if the title changes to Le Cercle Noir. [HR]

Broadway Feels Desire: Chicago’s Goodman Theater will bring its upcoming revival of Eugene O’Neill’s Desire Under the Elms to Broadway. Directed by Robert Falls and starring Brian Dennehy, the production will be the first of the play on Broadway since 1952. Back then, gas was only 27 cents a gallon, postage was 3 cents, and a three-hour revival of Eugene O’Neill’s ninth-best play presumably cost less than $100. [Variety]

Jovovich Is Kind: Milla Jovovich will star in The 4th Kind, a fact-based thriller about a small Alaskan town where people have been disappearing for 40 years. Jovovich will play a visiting woman investigating the mystery, and at some point we guess all kinds of futuristic zombies will show up. [HR]

Weiner in ABC’s Shoes: Best-selling novelist Jennifer Weiner has signed an overall deal with ABC to create series projects. The network is banking on a repeat of her success from books like In Her Shoes, Little Earthquakes, and Good in Bed. They’re also apparently banking on the success of Grand Theft Auto 4 to occupy their male audience. [HR]

Richard Gere Gets Back to Work; Dalai Lama Secretly Pleased