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Robert De Niro Thinking About Doing Some Acting for a Change

Photos: WireImage (De Niro); Getty Images

De Niro Joins Everybody: Robert De Niro will star in Everybody’s Fine, Kirk Jones’s drama for Miramax. Remake of Guiseppe Tornatore’s Stanno Tutti Bene follows an aging widower who takes a road trip to visit his adult children, played by Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, and Sam Rockwell. The title makes more sense if you pronounce it “Fiiiiiiiine,” while nodding your head suggestively. [Variety]

Pamela Comes to E!: Apparently sick of other people’s sex tapes getting them reality shows, Pamela Anderson has put her foot down and set up an unscripted show with E!. Producers promise the show will reveal “the real woman behind the famous breasts.” What will we find? Our guess: more breasts. [Variety]

Emma Goes Urban: Screen Gems has announced a reimagined urban version of Jane Austen’s Emma, set it in an inner-city high school with — get ready! — at least fifteen song-and-dance numbers. No joke, Screen Gems boss Clint Culpepper says he came up with the idea after watching Lil’ Mama’s unstoppably awesome “Lip Gloss” music video. Ain’t no party like an Austen party! [Variety]

Leslie Mann Smokes With Phillip Morris: Leslie Mann will join Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor in I Love You Phillip Morris. Story centers on a married father (Carrey) who goes to prison and falls in love with his cellmate, prompting an escape attempt or two. Mann will play Carrey’s wife on the outside. Finally, Mann escapes the Judd Apatow Comedy-Industrial Complex! [HR]

North Wind Blows to Theaters: Davis Entertainment has picked up the rights to Boom Studios’ graphic novel, North Wind, the story of futuristic Los Angeles in the grip of a post-global-warming ice age. David DiGilio, whose arctic expertise comes from writing Disney’s Eight Below, will adapt the script and might want to change the title to The Day After the Day After Tomorrow. [HR]

Brigadoon Gets Official: Producers confirm that after playing Boston in fall ‘08, Brigadoon will come to Broadway in spring of 2009. Tony winner Rob Ashford (Thoroughly Modern Millie, Curtains) will direct and choreograph the revised version of arguably the best musical in the magical-Scottish-village-come-to-life genre. [Playbill]

Robert De Niro Thinking About Doing Some Acting for a Change