Save $300 Plus Time-Machine Development Costs: Listen to Prince’s Coachella ‘Creep’

1. Prince, “Creep” (Live at Coachella)
Every year we think the plane tickets and $300 admission to Coachella aren’t going to be worth it, and then we find out something like this happens. But even if we won’t get any of that desert sunshine, with the Internet, we can at least bask in a little faded glory on our iPods. [Deaf Indie Elephants]

2. The Roots, “I Will Not Apologize”
The Roots tricked us all into thinking that “Birthday Girl” was going to be the first single from their new record, but now it isn’t going to be on the album. But as you can tell from this actual (and awesome) song from the album, we shouldn’t expect much contrition. [Mixtape Maestro]

3. Free Kitten, “Seasick”
Noisy feminist supergroup Free Kitten (featuring members of Pussy Galore, Sonic Youth, and Boredoms) is back after a decade with a song about a spiteful lady pirate. This is the best news we’ve heard all day, aside from Prince’s Radiohead cover, of course. [Pitchfork]

4. George Benson, “Turn Your Love Around (Database remix)”
This track is the first to be released from Buffetlibre’s new eighties remix project. Kudos to the label for daring to shine light on the music of a lost era. [Lemur Blog]

5. Kidz in the Hall, “Drivin Down the Block (remix feat. Bun B, Pusha T, Clipse, and the Cool Kids)”
The “z” lets you know these guys aren’t aging Canuck comedians, so you get more chicken heads than Chicken Ladies. Still, 30 Helens agree that this is a great remix of their new song. [Get Weird Turn Pro]
Ehren Gresehover

Save $300 Plus Time-Machine Development Costs: Listen to Prince’s Coachella ‘Creep’