Spike Jonze Not Yet Fired From ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

Photos: Getty Images; Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Movies-and-music blog the Playlist makes a nice catch in a wonky technical interview with film editor James Haygood, who’s one of the editors working on Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze’s awesome-we-hope adaptation of the Maurice Sendak classic. The movie has indeed gone back into reshoots, according to Haygood, and some scenes are being rewritten as well. Jonze is still actively working on the project.

The Playlist takes movie blogs to task for getting all hysterical about the reshoots, but we make no apologies for our teenage emo drama. We really, really, really want this movie to be good, and we really, really, really hope that these reshoots and rewrites don’t screw it all up. We’re glad Spike’s not fired though!

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Spike Jonze Not Yet Fired From ‘Where the Wild Things Are’