Spoon: Unplugged!

Photo: WireImage

1. Spoon, “Cherry Bomb Country”
If you wanted to like the original electric version of “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” but were put off by the inventive arrangement and the fact that it didn’t sound like it was recorded in a closet, today just may be your lucky day. [ href=”http://musicunderfire.blogspot.com/2008/04/spoon-dont-you-evah-ep.html”>Music Under Fire]

2. Dub Gabriel feat. Michael Stipe, “Cheree” (Suicide cover)”
How is it that Stipe sounds fresher covering a band from the seventies than he does doing his own band’s new material? Maybe Dub Gabriel should sit behind the drum machines for R.E.M.’s next record. [Pitchfork]

3. DJ Dubz, “Can’t Get You to Shut Up”
Kylie Minogue meets Black Eyed Peas in this semi-clever mash-up. [Manalogue]

4. DJ Schmolli, “Smash Me Amadeus”
Nelly, Fatboy Slim, and even the song’s namesake are recruited for this mash-up, which seeks to make Falco’s original interesting again. But it isn’t until Queen comes in (“We will rock you, Amadeus!”) that the experiment really succeeds. [Colortronic]

5. Papertiger Sound, “Coast Is Clear”
It’s Friday, and we’re sort of in love with this dreamy new single. Let’s hope the artists that they stole the song’s title and melody from (the Curve and the Cure, respectively) won’t miss them. [Hits in the Car]

Spoon: Unplugged!