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Stephen Malkmus Is Just Too Old to Scream Like That

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“It’s inevitable for an older man. I’m more mature, I guess. Just like I shouldn’t be out clubbing and taking Ecstasy, I shouldn’t be screaming.” Stephen Malkmus on why he’s not as loud as he used to be [A.V. Club]

“Let me just say that right now I’m dressed as Richard Simmons, wearing little red and white striped shorts and a wig. The real Richard Simmons is dressed as Richard Simmons as well.” Jimmy Kimmel on taping the 1,000th episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live [NYDN]

“When I proposed these crossovers, Mohawk Media jumped at the chance and went to great lengths to make them happen. Who can blame them? Two legends … a living legend and an undead legend … going toe to toe. It doesn’t get much more exciting than that!” —comic-book author Christopher Bunting on the upcoming Mr. T Versus Dracula [Comic Book Resources]

“I think it’s going to be stunning. There’s going to be this beautiful gazebo involved, I know that.” —actress AJ Michalka on the architectural marvels of Peter Jackson’s heaven in the upcoming The Lovely Bones [Movies Blog/MTV]

“They’re like my younger brothers, but they’ll do shit for attention. They’ll do things, then when I look like, ‘What are you doing?’ They’ll be like, ‘Oh, nah, because you was doing this … Because you didn’t call me when you were on the international tour.’” 50 Cent on the G-Unit complaining that he doesn’t bring them flowers anymore [MTV]

Stephen Malkmus Is Just Too Old to Scream Like That