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The CMT Awards: Where Snoop Dogg’s Fancy Turns to Thoughts of Love

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“Wow — damn! Who is that? She is beautiful! Wow, wow, wow.” Snoop Dogg on seeing LeAnn Rimes for the first time at the Country Music Television Awards [People]

“I probably would buy him back … and then I would get it, and be like ‘George! Long time, no see!’” —Abigail Breslin on the possibility that her lost Curious George stuffed animal might turn up on eBay [Movies Blog/MTV]

“Right now I’m down with Honey Nut Cheerios because that’s what Omar eats on The Wire. I don’t know if you’re a Wire fan, but on the show Omar travels far and wide and risks getting killed just to get a box of Honey Nuts. So I like to think it keeps me connected to the streets.” Amy Poehler on her breakfast cereal of choice [Newsweek]

“She sent an e-mail to all her friends, coworkers, and family right before it aired. And a guy ran down to her office and said, ‘Do you know what MILF means?!’ and she said, ‘Noooo?’ and he told her and she started laughing so hard. I was like, ‘Mom, you told me you knew what it meant when you really didn’t!’” Deidre Goodwin on being cast as MILF Island’s DeBorah on 30 Rock [EW]

“For me to get this information out of him, I had to convince him. So I hit him with the fake phone book. But he said, ‘This isn’t working, I don’t believe you. Use the real phone book.’ This real cop gave me some phone book techniques. So I took the phone book and hit him around the head. And The Game said, ‘OK I’m good.’ He felt it. He was right. It gave the film some authenticity.” —Keanu Reeves on acting with the Game in Street Kings [Starpulse]

The CMT Awards: Where Snoop Dogg’s Fancy Turns to Thoughts of Love