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‘The Incredible Hulk’ at Comic-Con: Greatest Panel Discussion Ever?

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With talk of editing-related discord between star and studio getting as much attention as the movie itself, the makers of The Incredible Hulk knew they had to impress at Comic-Con over the weekend, and, apparently, they did. By all accounts, Saturday’s Hulk panel discussion was one of the greatest panel discussions in the history of the form, ably winning over nerds and creating some of the first strong positive buzz for a movie that will, in all likelihood, bankrupt Hollywood if it’s not a huge hit. Guests included Tim Roth (who plays the Abomination, the film’s villain), Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, and director Louis Letterier, who reportedly kicked things off by declaring that the score for Hulk is “Star Wars good.” (He was purportedly booed.) But it got better! To an awed audience of geeks, Letterier debuted some allegedly awesome-looking footage of the Hulk ripping cars in half, flipping a tank, and generally disturbing the peace.

During a Q&A session, surprise guest Lou Ferrigno, star of the original live-action Hulk TV show, was brought onstage to much applause to confirm that he’ll say “Hulk smash!” in the movie like he did in the 1996 Hulk cartoon, for which he did voice work. And Letterier, to the best of his ability, fielded a question about how he enjoyed working with Ed Norton (io9 says this was “awkward”). But the best part? Near the end, they showed footage of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man’s Tony Stark sitting in a bar with Hulk’s General Ross (William Hurt), confirming that the two franchises will get their rumored crossover moment. So, apparently, a good, promotional time was had by all and Hulk is finally getting the attention that we’re surprised more geeks didn’t give it in the first place. Heck, they won us over and we totally missed this panel — Hollywood is saved!

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‘The Incredible Hulk’ at Comic-Con: Greatest Panel Discussion Ever?