‘The Riches’ Gets Richer

“But you’re not supposed to drive without a valid driver’s license!”Photo: Courtesy of FX

The Malloys, caught in a web of familial love, greed, a shifting moral code, and the rococo tall tales necessary for survival, are hurtling toward several epic implosions. Yep, just like any dysfunctional suburban family. But the deeper we get into this season, the more layers of duplicity that accumulate.

Edenfalls Cost of Living Index: Li’l Buddies Edition
With brother-buddy Cael on the run, DiDi is bored. For kicks, she convinces a smitten security guard to break into other Edenfalls homes and snoop around. Someone’s dog poops. And so we too became bored.

Cael is on the road again, hustling Color of Money–style at a pool hall. He’s rescued from a nasty fight by fellow Travelers in a Winnebago: an older couple and their widowed, Gretchen Mol–look-alike daughter-in-law. Turns out these folks were tipped off to Cael running away by Dale and deliver him right back to the base camp from which the Malloys escaped before their suburban-sham adventure began. Scary ex-con Eamon Quinn, in cahoots with Dale, eyes Cael menacingly.

That $150 million, secretly reprehensible Bayou Hills development can’t get built without a special zoning variance from the mayor. So Wayne’s lovably sleazy boss, Hugh, decides to run for mayor with Wayne as his “Turd Blossom,” or Karl Rove. It was only a matter of time before a show about con artists involved politicians.

To appease her new parole officer, Dahlia is working at a greasy spoon and sleeping in a flophouse. (She keeps this secret from Wayne and family, claiming she’s out late “triple-bagging” AA meetings.) The bad news: She’s carjacked and nearly jumped by thugs. The good news: She manipulates her P.O., who has a crush on her, and escapes punishment for driving without a license.

Adorable, cross-dressing pre-tween Sam half-wittingly helps Dad and cousin Dale cover up the murder by stealing a bloody towel from a private investigator’s hotel room. But he’s protecting the family and still has Dad’s unconditional love! “I will never abandon you, ever,” Wayne tells him. “I know, Dad, I trust you,” Sammy replies. There’s his first mistake. —Justin Ravitz

‘The Riches’ Gets Richer