T.I. Boldly Attempts to Rock

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1. T.I., “No Matter What”
With his last identity crisis behind him, T.I. moves on to another one with this new single, whose rock organs, guitar, and spacey sound effects make us wonder if he’s trying to unleash his inner rock star. [Nah Right]

2. Stereolab, “Three Women”
Stereolab stopped sounding experimental enough to warrant their moniker sometime around the turn of the century, but this brand-new track (off their new album, Chemical Chords, due in August) still isn’t bad. [Some Velvet Blog]

3. Feist, “I Feel It All” (live on The Colbert Report)
Feist and Colbert do a little cross-dressing (and flirting!) before she launches into a typically amazing version of her current hit. Political satire is rarely this cute. [Culture Bully]

4. Mudhoney, “Inside Out Over You”
Mark Arm sings, “In my fucked-up gestalt, I’m a slug in salt, losing its skin,” proving yet again why they were the scuzziest (and most fun) band of the Seattle grunge scene. [Burning World]

5. Cansei de Ser Sexy, “Rat Is Dead (Rage)”
The bass player for C.S.S. just quit because she didn’t want to contribute to global warming with lots of flying around to tour dates. We quit listening to C.S.S. for much less high-minded reasons. [Panda Toes]
—Ehren Gresehover

T.I. Boldly Attempts to Rock