Time to Start Getting Excited About ‘Lost’ Again!

Courtesy of ABC

This week’s Lost, according to some random commenter on the L.A. Times’ Gold Derby blog, is a Ben-centric flash-forward episode, and likely to be the one that Michael Emerson submits for Emmy consideration. We’re sure it’ll be intense and all, but wouldn’t he be more likely to win an Emmy with the episode where he fell in love and turned into a creepy puppy-love stalker? It was like the scariest Lifetime Original Movie ever!

Anyway, we’re really excited about the return of Lost, and reading Entertainment Weekly’s big feature on the show only made things worse. Apparently the momentous final scene of this year’s season finale is code-named “Frozen Donkey Wheel,” which means a million busy bees on the Internet are already trying to decode that particular puzzle. Our favorite guess: “Frozen Donkey Wheel” = “Cold-Ass Circle” = the finale takes place at the Arctic Circle! Maybe! Probably not! Just happen already!

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Time to Start Getting Excited About ‘Lost’ Again!