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Week in Review: The Jonas Brothers Look Back

Since they’ve already taken over our Most Commented Posts widget and will soon be taking over the world, we thought it would only be fair to let the Jonas Brothers take over this week’s Roll Credits post as well. Here are the Vulture posts the Jonas Brothers most enjoyed this week while plotting world domination.

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Nick Jonas, 15

“A lot of people have told me I should watch Battlestar Galactica, so I might tune in to that this weekend. I didn’t really know what the difference was between it and Star Trek until now, so I guess that was cool. That guy with the eye patch is badass. Um … I’m a theater guy, so I really enjoyed learning more about South Pacific’s Tony chances. But I also love summer movies, although it seemed like maybe they made all that up.”

Joe Jonas, 18

Transformers was awesome, and the new one is gonna be even awesomer! I’m also totally looking forward to Grant Theft Auto IV — although of course I won’t be doing any of the sinful parts. Speaking of sin, whatup with that dude in the bathtub with John Malkovich? Did you catch that VH1 show with Snoop Dogg? And Superhero Movie ruled, man. I sure hope Superman isn’t toast.”

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Kevin Jonas, 20

“I’m really interested in the music business and alternative means of distribution for content, so I was pretty stoked about a record company finally hiring a nerd. As for us, we’re just rocking it out, you know? We’re really hoping to make a deal like Jay-Z’s, and avoid slumps. You know the Jonas Brothers are in it for the long haul, and we’ll never be dethroned, just like Elvis!”

Frankie Jonas, 7

“I only care about modern and contemporary visual art, so needless to say the posts that interested me were few and far between. The naked Picasso was puerile, and the claptrap about my good friend Takashi Murakami was embarrassingly amateurish. À bientôt.”

Week in Review: The Jonas Brothers Look Back