Weezer Return to Their Blue Period

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1. Weezer, “Pork and Beans”
This half-minute sample from Weezer’s upcoming self-titled sixth album (already nicknamed “The Red Album”) sounds like it could be a leftover from their self-titled first album (nicknamed “The Blue Album”). We like it! [Twelve Major Chords]

2. Ying Yang Twins, “Drop”
Their upcoming album is called Ying Yang Twins for President, but the only thing this new single will get them elected to is the Beastie Boys fan club. [First Up]

3. Robyn Hitchcock, Nick Lowe, and Elvis Costello, “Mystery Train” (live)
A sublime cover recording of the Junior Parker and Sam Phillips classic, marred only slightly by the loud, obnoxious drunk guy standing near the microphone. [Architectural Dance Society]

4. Overdub, “Come As the Starlight”
At last, Internet mash-up artists have combined Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” with the Superman Lovers’ “Starlight.” Finally. [Mashuptown]

5. Daniel Ahearn, “Down for the Count”
Not long ago, some sketchy dude stole all of Ahearn’s synthesizers. Why not make him feel better by stealing a few of his MP3s? [Bon Ton]
—Ehren Gresehover

Weezer Return to Their Blue Period