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When’s Your Next Sex Scene, Laura Harring?

Harring at Friday’s screening of The Caller.Photo: Getty Images

When we sat down with actress Laura Harring at the after-party for her Tribeca Film Festival movie The Caller, she wanted to have a serious conversation. “When I read the script, the thing that really moved me was how we have things in our past — it’s always the little moments that we really remember and carry us through life.” We couldn’t agree more. In fact, for us, one of those little moments was the incredibly hot sex scene Harring did with Naomi Watts a few years back in Mulholland Drive. So when could we expect David Lynch to have Harring do something like that again? “We don’t talk about sex when we see each other, so I have no idea,” she said — more or less the response we’d expected. Okay, let’s say he did ask, we pressed. She would do it, right? “You’re not letting go, are you?” she said. No! We’re going to continue to bombard you with sophomoric questions until you give in! “With David I would do another love scene,” she finally confessed. “I don’t call it a sex scene, I call it a love scene.” Tomatoes, tomahtoes.

Harring added that she’s waiting to hear who will play her fantasy-sequence lover in the film she’s currently working on, Bitter Grapes. “I play a very suppressed women, she’s been very abused. And the only way she can cope with an abusive husband and children that are mean and out of control is by escaping into a fantasy world.” Things turned dangerous when we asked Harring who she wanted to play the role. “Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of say, or I’d cast you. Are you an actor?” Yes, we said. Yes, we are. —Darrell Hartman

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When’s Your Next Sex Scene, Laura Harring?