Why Mr. Big Will Die in the ‘Sex and the City’ Movie

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With all due respect to our fine friends and colleagues at Daily Intel, YOU ARE CRAZY. There is no way that Charlotte will die in the Sex and the City movie. Instead — as Vulture has been predicting since last summer — Mr. Big is absolutely, positively, definitely gonna kick the bucket. No, we don’t have any inside information, and we haven’t seen the script (try as we might). It’s just so obvious that the death Cynthia Nixon’s alluding to in interviews is Mr. Big’s that we can’t believe Rovzar and Pressler would think otherwise.

Their argument — that Charlotte is marked for death because she’s so extraneous there’s no reason not to kill her — doesn’t hold water. Why? Because Charlotte has always been extraneous. That’s the entire purpose of her character! She’s the one who you don’t understand why she’s friends with the other three. By all rights, she should’ve died in the pilot, bringing our three heroines closer together at her funeral. But for some reason she was spared by the producers, so there’s no way she’s going to get killed now, just as the franchise’s quartet of dames is reaching maximum brand recognition.

Nope! It’s Mr. Big for sure. As the movie opens, all four ladies of Sex and the City are approaching relationship bliss, giving them nothing to kvetch about. But not for long! Big’s death will end the first act of the movie, which will be followed by a tasteful period of mourning, and then a montage. Carrie will end the movie sad, but plucky, with a new (or old!) guy on the horizon and the prospect for sequels bright — because finally, once and for all, the Sex and the City series won’t seem like one that can only end one way. With Big out of the picture, Carrie — and the franchise — can finally live a little.

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Kois: no, mr. big will die at the end of the first act
Kois: the first half of the second act will be carrie mourning with her friends, but she will get over it with the help of a montage
Coen: no, i think that’s wrong. i think they quite possibly cancel the wedding, but he does not die. maybe he SPIRITUALLY DIES in the HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE AUDIENCE, but nothing more.
Coen: and until you grow a vagina, this discussion is done. you know nothing! nothing!
Kois: i feel like i already grew one in a way!

Why Mr. Big Will Die in the ‘Sex and the City’ Movie