Ben Silverman Doesn’t Have Time for All These Stupid Meetings

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Slate today has the details of a recent shouty blowup between Hollywood superagent Ari Emanuel and NBC wunderkind Ben Silverman, who allegedly skipped two meetings with Emanuel, one with Friday Night Lights producer Peter Berg and another with Marvel Studios’ David Maisel a few weeks later. Apparently Emanuel, the real-life inspiration for Entourage’s Ari Gold, by chance ran into Silverman in NBC-Universal’s executive dining room and “delivered a tongue-lashing, touching on Silverman’s lifestyle and its impact on NBC-Universal’s business. He didn’t whisper.”

According to Slate, the two have since “nominally made up,” but that doesn’t make up for Emanuel’s childish, uncalled-for outburst — we’ve seen Entourage enough times to know that not much would’ve been accomplished at either of those meetings anyway. Besides, Ben Silverman has better things to do — he has white tigers to fluff! And bikini models to hire for NBC’s upcoming Flag Day bacchanal! Plus, his job description also includes something to do with the production of television shows, we think!

Hugging It Out: Ben Silverman’s clashes with Ari Emanuel [Slate via Defamer]

Ben Silverman Doesn’t Have Time for All These Stupid Meetings