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Daniel Day-Lewis Is Ready for His Eleven O’Clock Number

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Nine Finds One More: It looks like the producers of Nine are going down their trusty list of Oscar-winning actors in 2007 who played crazy men. Daniel Day-Lewis is in talks to replace Javier Bardem, who dropped out because his positronic batteries needed recharging. DD-L would portray a famous film director who experiences a psychological crisis while trying to balance all the women in his life. Milkshakes will be drunk. [Variety]

Cruise Makes Amends: Moviehole is reporting that the rumors are coming true, as Tom Cruise is in talks to star as the president in director Phillip Noyce’s The 28th Amendment, written by TransformersAlex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. And even though it’s 99 percent definite that Cruise will be president, Hillary vows to stay in the race. [Moviehole]

Columbia Gets Goosebumps: Columbia has picked up the rights to R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps, the second-best-selling young-adult series behind Harry Potter. According to Scholastic’s Deborah Forte, “the first generation of Goosebumps’ fans are in their early 20s now,” which makes us feel stupid for being so old and having read every single one. The biggest challenge facing the adaptation will be re-creating those irksome chapter-break cliffhangers every five minutes. [Variety]

Reitman Catches Air: Jason Reitman (Thank You for Smoking, Juno) is adapting 2002’s Up in the Air, the airport-culture satire novel by Thumbsucker’s Walter Kirn. The project is set up at Montecito, Ivan Reitman’s company, and no, that’s not nepotism, that’s a coincidence. [HR]

Clooney’s Blues: TNT just announced their development slate, and far and away the most tragilarious project is Delta Blues, exec produced by George Clooney, a series about a Memphis cop who is also an Elvis impersonator. According to Turner, their goal is to have 80 percent original content by 2010, so clearly our goal is to watch 80 percent less TV by 2010. [HR]

Daniel Day-Lewis Is Ready for His Eleven O’Clock Number