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Eddie Murphy Moves Back to Beverly Hills

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Murphy Back on Axel: Thus Spake the Lord: Rocky beget Rambo, and Rambo beget Indy, and Indy beget … Beverly Hills Cop 4! Eddie Murphy is attached to re-create Detroit cop Axel Foley, and — wait for it — explosion aficionado Brett Ratner is in discussions to direct. Finally, Harold Faltermeyer will be able to use the complete and epic Axel F Suite. [Variety]

Spelling Comes Home: Who else is moving back to Beverly Hills, you ask? In a hardly unexpected move, Tori Spelling has joined the cast of the CW’s 902102. Donna now has a career in fashion and owns “one of the coolest stores in Beverly Hills.” But what about David? Don’t think you’re getting divorced from Donna just because you’re engaged to Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green. [Variety]

MTV Pays 50 Cent: MTV has partnered with 50 Cent to find America’s Next Street-Smart Business Mogul (not the actual title, but not not the actual title, either). Even more amazing? Their slate includes a show called 16 and Pregnant, a series about “Real life Junos.” We can hear the backseat conversations already: “Baby, I could wear a condom. OR WE COULD GET ON TV!” [Variety]

Bay Getting Board: In non-Transformers news, Michael Bay will produce a movie based on Hasbro’s Ouija Board for Universal, to be written by Elf’s David Berenbaum. Although the logline is under wraps, The Hollywood Reporter reassures us that “the film will be a supernatural adventure with the Ouija board playing an integral part of the story.” [HR]

Dunder Mifflin Takes on Decepticons: Rainn “Dwight” Wilson has a small part in Transformers 2 as Shia LaBoeuf’s college professor at Princeton. Question: Will this be awesome? Fact: Wilson is intense. Fact: Wilson is hilarious. Fact: Optimus Prime could beat the Millennium Falcon in a fight. [HR]

Eddie Murphy Moves Back to Beverly Hills