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Ellen Page Not a Plain ‘Jane’

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Bronte’s Page-Turner: High-school students rejoice! There’s now another reason not to do your summer reading, as Ellen Page will play Jane Eyre for BBC films. Alison Lohman rejoice! There’s now another reason to hope Page drops out of something. Photographers rejoice! There’s every reason to believe Page will keep doing that thing with her arm. [Variety]

Trio Heads South: Josh Hartnett, Ben Kingsley, and Eva Mendes will star in Queen of the South, an adaptation of Arturo Perez Reverte’s bestseller about a female Mexican drug smuggler bent on avenging her lover’s death. We’re pretty sure her lover was killed by vampires, but we might be mixing this up with Queen of the Damned. [Variety]

Making Mountains Out of Hills: In a diplomatic fiasco of Cuban Missile Crisis proportions, negotiations have broken down and apparently Jonah Hill won’t be playing Shia LaBeouf’s roommate in Transformers 2. You better sit by your phone and start praying, Andy Milonakis. [EW]

Harrelson Gets the Message: Woody Harrelson and Samantha Morton have joined The Messenger, the directorial debut from Oren Moverman, who penned the many faces of Dylan in I’m Not There. Pic is said to be a poignant life-affirming road movie, falling roughly halfway between Little Miss Sunshine and Road Trip on the Poignancy-Life-Affirmation scale. [HR]

Becker Goes to War: The hogs keep getting wilder for Walt Becker, a guy we secretly root for no matter how much we pretend to hate him, as he signs on to direct the action comedy Little Big War for Fox. Story follows a family besieged by action figures that come to life. Variety hints that “the film is expected to be in the vein of Night at the Museum,” but what they really mean is that “it’s literally the same movie as Small Soldiers.” [HR]

Ellen Page Not a Plain ‘Jane’