Even Liam Gallagher Is Right Twice a Day

Photo: Getty Images

1. Oasis, “Stop the Clocks”

Scratch demos for three new Oasis tracks (this one, “Nothing on Me,” and “I Wanna Live in a Dream in My Record Machine”) hit the Internet today, proving wrong our theory that all their songs are made up on the spot. [Maybe Here Now]

2. Elvis Costello, “Stella Hurt”
From Elvis’s excellent new album, Momofuku, this “Foxey Lady” copy almost makes up for the opera he wrote. (He’ll have to rip off “Crosstown Traffic” to make us forget about that album with Burt Bacharach, though.) [Stereo Jealousy via Rock Daily]

3. The Hood Internet vs. Lykke Li
How good is this mash-up? So good that, just this once, we’ll break our strict rule against posting mash-ups above the jump. [Hood Internet via Idolator]

4. Radiohead, “Faust Arp” (live)
From their first tour stop in West Palm Beach last night, here’s our fifth-favorite song on In Rainbows. [Music Slut]

5. Paul Weller feat. Noel Gallagher, “Echoes Round the Sun”
The best bowl cuts in Britpop join forces on this pretty excellent track from Weller’s forthcoming album. Way better than you’d expect! [Roots Memories]

Even Liam Gallagher Is Right Twice a Day