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Ewan McGregor Gets Lost

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McGregor Loves Amelia: Ewan McGregor will co-star in Fox Searchlight’s Earhart biopic, Amelia. McGregor will play Gene Vidal — Gore Vidal’s dad! — who had a passionate affair with the famed aviatrix. Our math might be off here, but isn’t Gore Vidal like 130 years old? We would have assumed his dad was having affairs with Susan B. Anthony and Eli Whitney’s wife. [Variety]

MTV Gets Shorty: MTV has enlisted Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Adam Sandler, and Mike Myers to create short films based on their upcoming movies, to premiere during the MTV Movie Awards. “In the past, our short films have been parodies of films,” said MTV’s Robin Reinhardt-Locke. “This time, we’re cutting right to the chase and just straight-up whoring ourselves out to the highest bidder! Money money money!!!! putting (creative control) in the stars’ hands.” [HR]

Noth Is Zellweger’s One and Only: Chris Noth and Renée Zellweger will star in My One and Only, a comedy based on a childhood adventure of tan actor George Hamilton. Zellweger plays a girl looking for a rich man to fund a new life for her and her sons, while Noth just might be that guy. Charlie Peters (My Father the Hero!) penned the script, based on “a story that Hamilton shared with Merv Griffin about his early life on the road.” They better fast-track this one before the target audience dies. [Variety]

All Road Lead to Grammer: Kelsey Grammer is looking to re-return to TV, this time with two less cameras, as he joins ABC’s comedy pilot Roman’s Empire. Series centers on a lovable guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend but can’t seem to get away from her family, especially her overbearing dad (Grammer). “Kelsey! I can’t seem to get away from your incessant urbane yet witty banter!” [HR]

Three Set the Table: Superman ReturnsBrandon Routh has joined Starz’s Table for Three, along with Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) and Jesse Bradford (W). Story follows a single guy (Routh) who invites the perfect couple to share his apartment. Will they meddle in his affairs? Will they have loud sex while he studies? Our cliché Magic 8-Ball says, “it is decidedly so.” [Variety]

Ewan McGregor Gets Lost