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Fear Not: Diddy Will Weather This Recession

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“So if the music industry’s getting cannibalized by the Internet, I figure out how to work with it, I figure out how to survive. You throw me in the jungle butt-naked, I come out with a lion’s head, some bearskins, and a bunch of food. I may be driving a Maybach.” Diddy on his ability to survive the tough times [AP via Yahoo]

“They’re Australia’s very own Turin Shroud. Actually it’s a Mecca. Whole civilizations have been built in honour of lesser things than those hot pants. The pyramids, for example.” Nick Cave on the hotpants worn by Kylie Minogue in her video for Spinning Around [Sun UK]

“Handsome, sexy, drunk! I don’t know. Stuff like, ‘That was a fun day but, God, I ate way too much rice before lunch.’ Or, ‘Did I bang her?’” Robert Downey Jr. on what he thinks when he watches his old performances [Mirror UK]

“I’m 40 years old, and I feel like there are only a limited amount of years where you can wear those tight jeans. There comes a point where whether you can wear them or not, you shouldn’t wear them.” Scott Weiland [Rolling Stone]

“It’s like, ‘They don’t curse that much, and they’re not misogynistic, and they don’t do gunplay and drugs, so … they’re political.’ But really, that just makes us considerate.” Ahmir ?uestlove Thompson on The Roots [Philadelpha Inquirer via Pop Matters]

Fear Not: Diddy Will Weather This Recession