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If Not for Colin Powell, That Moldy Peaches Reunion Might Never Have Happened

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“The main performance that we did was on The View. I thought the whole thing was a little displacing. General Colin Powell’s enthusiasm for our group was probably the only thing that got me through it.” Adam Green on reunion performances with Kimya Dawson to promote the Juno soundtrack [Gothamist]

“I remember I said to David on the day that we were going to film that scene — it involves a rubber knife — and I had read it and he explained it and I was looking at Emily, thinking, to me, it was so violent. And I was worried about it. In my head, I’ve just never been in that kind of situation where you’re violently holding someone. And if you’re trying to teach someone something, and you held them, wouldn’t they just freak out? So I said to David ‘Maybe we could do the scene the exact same way, but without the knife?’ And David said, ‘Did Peter O’Toole, on the set of Lawrence of Arabia, walk up to David Lean and say ‘David, could we do the scene exactly as it is, but without the camel?’ No, we’re doing it with the knife.”” —Chiwetel Ejiofor [Cinematical]

“I clearly could’ve brought more of Michael Knight and the past into it. The bottom line was they missed a big audience because it was not retro and that was the whole point of it — being retro.” David Hasselhoff knows what would improve the upcoming Knight Rider television series: more David Hasselhoff [WENN via Starpulse]

“It’s like taking on Lord of the Rings with maybe a different sort of devoted following” —director Vadim Perelman on adapting Atlas Shrugged for the big screen [Orlando Sentinel via PopMatters]

“You can pretty much bet all you own that I would never leave another voicemail message for my daughter that wasn’t just like something out of a Rodgers and Hammerstein score.” Alec Baldwin [NYDN]

If Not for Colin Powell, That Moldy Peaches Reunion Might Never Have Happened