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Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Next Movie Will Be Better

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“Acting is not acting if you act. You have to tell the truth, and I learned that in my career only at the end of my 37th movie.” Jean-Claude Van Damme, in Cannes to promote his 37th movie [MTV]

“I be ballin’ now.” Harrison Ford turns an episode of BET’s 106 & Park into 65 & Awkward [CNN]

“I talked to her babysitter often, and she told me, ‘Oh, I thought there was nobody in the world more glamorous than Barbara! Then of course when I grew up, I realized she was a lunatic.’” Julianne Moore on playing Barbara Baekeland [A.V. Club]

“The idea of failure and being laughed at never sort of occurs to me because it happens all the time. I’m inured to failure.” William Shatner [MTV]

“Instead of violent video games, I like to watch my kids beat the shit out of each other. If I wanna play, I hit one of them.” —Pussy Galore’s Julie Cafritz [Pitchfork]

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Next Movie Will Be Better