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Joan Cusack Not Responsible for ‘War, Inc.’

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“Well, you know, it’s of course my brother’s film. So that’s the main thing.” Joan Cusack on how she got involved in War, Inc. [A.V. Club]

“I’m sorry. Compa-who?” T.I. on if he considers Shawty Lo as competition [MTV]

“I thought it was closing. And then I heard it wasn’t. Either way, it smells weird in there.” Demetri Martin on Rififi [Gothamist]

“We don’t ever waste time once something starts, we don’t ever take too much time on trying to make a song better.” —3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell explains their rigorous songwriting process [NYP]

“We kind of hit the ground running, so we often learned the Chinese on-set on the day of shooting. Sometimes we had to ad-lib in Chinese, which is kind of tough.” Radha Mitchell on shooting The Children of Huang Shi [NYP]

Joan Cusack Not Responsible for ‘War, Inc.’