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‘Lost’: See Every Flash-forward in Chronological Order

So wait, when does Jack grow that beard? Did Hurley go crazy and then visit Jin’s grave, or vice versa? How long after Sayid meets Ben does he fall in love with and shoot that hot Euro woman? If you’re having trouble keeping track of Lost’s season full of flash-forwards, check out this fan-made video, yet another in a long line of YouTube repurposings of Lost’s rich primary material, in which the flash-forwards are sequenced in chronological order, starting with the day the Oceanic Six step off that plane in Honolulu. It’s only eight and a half minutes long, but boy, is it helpful as we approach the finale that’s sure to make us say, “Wha?”

LOST Flash-Forwards in 8:42 [YouTube via /film]

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‘Lost’: See Every Flash-forward in Chronological Order