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Mark Ruffalo and Amy Adams to Grouse in Noah Baumbach’s Latest

Photo: Getty Images, FilmMagic

Baumbach’s Next With Ruffalo, Adams: Greenburg, Noah Baumbach’s next relationship comedy-drama, will star Mark Ruffalo and Amy Adams. Scott Rudin produces. Plot details are under wraps, but experts are guessing Ruffalo and Adams will play unhappy people sniping at each other. [HR]

Weaver to Lifetime: Sigourney Weaver makes the long-dreaded move to Lifetime Original Movie territory by producing and starring in Prayers for Bobby, about a conservative woman who questions her beliefs after her gay son commits suicide. Alternate titles eventually rejected: Not Without My Dead Gay Son, and Mother, May I Sleep With Men? No? Well, Then I Shall Commit Suicide. [Variety]

DreamWorks Encourages Piracy: DreamWorks will produce a biopic of legendary pirate Blackbeard, to be written by David Franzoni (screenwriter of Amistad and Gladiator, two other boring historical epics). Barry Josephson and Pat Croce — the 76ers owner who also owns a pirate museum in Florida — will produce. The film will be rated Arrrrrrrrrr. [Variety]

Brosnan, Sarandon Commit to Downer: Pierce Brosnan and Susan Sarandon will play grieving parents in The Greatest, writer-director Shana Feste’s debut. The pair will play the heads of a family that is thrown into chaos after the loss of a child. If Sarandon’s character deals with her grief by drinking to excess, that’ll make two in a row! [Variety]

Weinstein Co. Performs Alchemy: The Weinstein Company will produce Laurence Fishburne’s film of Paulo Coelho’s gazillion-selling The Alchemist, continuing Fishburne’s connection with the exciting new field of pseudophilosophy, first displayed in his work in The Matrix. [HR]

Mark Ruffalo and Amy Adams to Grouse in Noah Baumbach’s Latest