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Morgan Freeman Is Sick of Being the Dignified Older Gentleman

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“You look at your last work and say, `That’s four characters in a row that said, did, thought, acted the same. They’re going to find me out any minute now.’” Morgan Freeman on playing a character he calls “Mr. Gravitas” [AP via Yahoo]

“Female prison beauty pageant. It was done in Croatia and is a big number waiting to happen. It’s empowering to women, it’s empowering to prisoners. The whole idea of going from prisoner to hot babe is interesting.” —reality-show legend Mike Darnell on his favorite reality-show idea that has yet to be produced in America [HR via Reuters]

“I heard these heels coming down the hallway. She was on the phone and I could hear, ‘OK, perf. Oh, my God, that is so perf. Love you!’ And then I saw her and I just said, ‘Perf! I say that too,’ and gave her this awkward, dorky hug. She was so accepting.” Lake Bell on meeting Cameron Diaz for the first time [LAT]

“The visors would fog over on the inside. So moments into fighting, I wouldn’t be able to see. I hit two stunt guys, which I felt really bad about. But they were super cool. The thing you learn about stunt guys is it’s sort of a badge of honor for them.” Matthew Fox on the Speed Racer stuntmen who view being punched by Matthew Fox as a badge of honor [LAT]

Fast Food Nation was boring and aimed at yuppies, and yuppies don’t eat fast food. Poultrygeist is aimed at the younger market, and at fat Al Gore riding around in his private jet with his big fat wife who wants us all to feel guilty about using up a little gas or smoking cigarettes when his family made its money off of tobacco.” Lloyd Kaufman, director of Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead [A.V. Club]

Morgan Freeman Is Sick of Being the Dignified Older Gentleman