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Please Stop Calling Charlize Theron Ugly

It just makes her feel terrible!Photo: Getty Images

North Country was dirt. That’s what happens when you go into a mine. In the Valley of Elah — that’s when I took real offense, because that was just my real hair color and me with no makeup.” Charlize Theron on accusations that she makes herself look ugly to get taken seriously [W]

“[It was] really surreal because you’re sitting around a round table and everyone was like, ‘Well, Batman wouldn’t say that.’ And someone would be like, ‘Yeah, but the thing about Superman is…’ It was so fun … like this superhero theater camp.” Adam Brody on the short, surreal life of Warner Bros.’ Justice League movie [MSN]

“Cirque du steamy nights with the New Kids!” Jordan Knight describes the dance moves of the reunited New Kids on the Block [US]

“I’m not trying to prove anything on this album. I could never impersonate Tom Waits. I just love his music.” —We’d actually like to hear Scarlett Johansson impersonate Tom Waits [Starpulse]

“As one of the leading fake memoirists, I constantly get asked how do you remember scenes and dialogue from when you were 15 or 13? And I’m amazed by that question, because I think, `Well, how can you not?’”Augusten Burroughs [AP via Yahoo]

Please Stop Calling Charlize Theron Ugly