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Sam Waterston Can Barely Keep a Straight Face This Time

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“I shouldn’t say we’re doing the Eliot Spitzer story. I should say we’re doing a story about a politician who gets into trouble because of sexual questions … involving prostitution.” Sam Waterston on the season finale of Law & Order [AP]

“Actually, about 72 hours ago, I remembered a story I really wanted to make. I called a friend and said, ‘We’ll write the script in 10 days.’ And I might go and shoot it in, like, two months. It’s such a simple story. It’s basically Rambo meets Panic Room, On Golden Pond.” Tarsem on his follow-up project to The Fall [A.V. Club]

“It’s kind of similar to Joy Division, in a way, but with more synthesizers. And a bit more stupid. Like German-stupid.” Peter Morén on Kraftwerk [A.V. Club]

“It was definitely a reaction against all that stuff. And now, of course, you put Fleetwood Mac on the radio and you go, ‘And what is so bad about Fleetwood Mac? I mean, this is a fine song. This Fleetwood Mac song is not a bad song at all.’ You know, the Eagles, I’m still, you know, not a huge fan but I’ve seen them play live.” Exene Cervenka on the origins of X [Sound of the City/VV]

“For one thing, I don’t fancy myself anywhere near her skill level. For another, she did swallow a bottle of shoe polish.” Sloane Crosley on being called a “modern-day Dorothy Parker” by Jonathan Ames [Gothamist]

Sam Waterston Can Barely Keep a Straight Face This Time