Santogold Holds it Down

Photo: WireImage

1. Santogold, “Your Voice”

RCRD LBL just dropped this non-album track by Santogold, which finds her not so much puking gold glitter as exhaling golden chill-out ganja fumes. Pretty sweet. [RCRD LBL]

2. Pharoahe Monch, “Broken Heart”
Monch’s girl left him just before he was “ready to deliver the ring, just like Frodo the Hobbit.” But with tracks this good, he can walk tall. [Passion of the Weiss]

3. The Chap, “Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley”
What we assumed would be a song about the gender-switching composer of the Clockwork Orange soundtrack is instead about … something else. But the music has identity problems in the best way, sounding like Momus mixed with Morricone.

4. Dunproofin’, “Alphaboot”
This amazing mash-up of Danish band Alphabeat with the Futureheads inspiring cover of a Kate Bush track (does that make this a cover-up?) is about 50 percent guitar, 70 percent background vocals, and 110 percent fun. [Mashuptown]

5. The Chaingang of 1974, “I Wish Daft Punk Was Playing at My House”
You can tell a lot about Klemtin M. by the title of this song from his new album. For starters, you can tell he’s jealous of LCD Soundsystem, which is evident in his sound. You can also tell he’s from Denver, because Daft Punk’s pyramid would never fit in a New York City. [ Knicken] —Ehren Gresehover

Santogold Holds it Down