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Santogold: Not the Ideal Dog Sitter

Photo: WireImage

“I was looking after my friend’s beautiful chocolate lab and I gave him some of this cereal because it said on this advert that it was OK for dogs. But he died. I felt so bad … I really want a dog.” Santogold has killed before and will kill again [Guardian]

“John Williams and I have a word we use when we have something we think the audience will love. Maybe it’ll be a little over the top, and we ask each other, ‘Are we being too shameless?’ In a way I think we’ve both grown kind of proud of being shameless.” Steven Spielberg [NYT]

“We had statutory rape up until three weeks ago.” Peter Berg on the struggles to keep Hancock at a PG-13 rating [NYT]

“There are fans on the Internet who have done artist’s versions of what they think it will look like, and I can tell you this: They’re thinking small; Chris is going way farther than people think.” Aaron Eckhart on The Dark Knight [LAT]

“It’s not a James Bond film. We’re not chasing a guy on a snowboard. Not that that wouldn’t have been cool.” David Duchovny on The X-Files: I Want to Believe [LAT]

Santogold: Not the Ideal Dog Sitter