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The Best Lines in ‘Spin’ Magazine’s Oral History of ‘Y.M.C.A.’

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“‘Y.M.C.A.’ is about homosexuality? I had no idea until this very moment. Wow! Well, it’s a great song that makes people feel good. That’s what’s important.” —Joseph Malloy, former general partner, New York Yankees

“It was magical. We were on ESPN for weeks. It was a gay song?” —Robert “Icebox” Smith, Oakland Coliseum security guard

“‘Y.M.C.A.’ is a gay song? Honestly, I had no clue.” —Kyle Smith, director of stadium operations, Brevard County Manatees

“Not sure what you mean about it being a gay song … I know the Y is a healthy place to exercise.” —Cameron Harris, Wally the Warthog mascot, Winston-Salem Warthogs

“We were once on a television show in England, and the hostess said, ‘Now, this is a gay song, isn’t it?’ And I said, ‘No, actually it’s a Christian song — the Young Men’s Christian Association.’ I mean, honey, isn’t it obvious?” —David Hodo (the Village People’s construction worker)

“Y.M.C.A.” (An Oral History) [Spin via Deadspin]

The Best Lines in ‘Spin’ Magazine’s Oral History of ‘Y.M.C.A.’