The Cure’s Triumphant-ish Return!

Photo: Getty Images

1. The Cure, “The Only One”
The good news is, on this new song, the Cure sound just like they did during their commercial peak. That’s also the bad news. [Burros y Perros]

2. The Rapture, “No Sex for Ben”
This new Timbaland-produced track from the GTA IV soundtrack is awesome, even if your name happens to be Ben. [Hyperbole]

3. Bun B feat. Lupe Fiasco, “Swang on ‘em”
Bun B and Lupe rap about fast, tricked-out cars on this song from Bun’s upcoming record. The production makes it sound like they’re riding around in a Ford Model A with Elliot Ness in hot pursuit. [Attorney St.]

4. El-P, “Mike Douglas”
El-P drops 9/11 references over a sample of The Wall. Yes, this song is terrifying and should probably come with a prescription for Celexa. [ Passion of the Weiss]

5. Truckasauras, “Porkwich”
With a band name like that, you’d think of bluegrass or bar rock. Actually, they make synth-y dance music with a Game Boy and some keyboards. Shows what you know. [ Get Weird Turn Pro]

The Cure’s Triumphant-ish Return!