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Tom Waits Inexplicably Cast As Scary-Voiced Evil Person

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“I am the Devil in the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus — not a devil … The Devil. I don’t know why he thought of me. I was raised in the church.” Tom Waits on Terry Gilliam’s casting choice [Antilabel Blog]

“I think it has a lot to do with our popularity but we’re not totally exaggerating. People had an awful lot of sex at that time. Remember, there was no TV. Sex was very, very important.” Jonathan Rhys Meyers explains why there’s so much sex on The Tudors [Parade]

“They added balls to it apparently. I’m told. I never actually saw this pig but they thought that meant I couldn’t sue them for stealing my ideas and designs.” Roger Waters on the anatomically correct version of his flying pig that Pink Floyd used for concert tours after he left the band [Rolling Stone]

“It’s easy for me to get into a fight with [kids] for some reason. They can just push my buttons. … [Friend and frequent collaborator] Paul Dinello walked in on me once, and I was having an argument on the phone with somebody, which I never do. He goes, ‘Who are you talking to?’ and I go, ‘This f–king three-year-old!’ Someone had sent me some kind of tools in the mail, and I tracked the number down and was asking him, ‘Why’d you send these to me?’ I said, ‘Is your mother home?’ and he kept saying, ‘No!’ and I was like, ‘Oh, right, you’re three and your mom’s not there?’ … It turned out Paul had ordered the tools off eBay from the three-year-old’s parents.” —Amy Sedaris [Mollygood]

“Just trying to remember all the lyrics is going to be hard. Some people have a gift for that, but I never had.” Chuck D is going to forget all the words during the Public Enemy reunion shows [WENN via Starpulse]

Tom Waits Inexplicably Cast As Scary-Voiced Evil Person