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Tonight’s ‘Lost’: Tracking the Internet’s Crazy (or Are They?) Theories

Last week’s episode of Lost didn’t add a lot of explicit craziness to the island’s mythology, but there were plenty of quirks and oddities for the hive mind of the Internet to chew on. For instance, is Claire dead? And how come Jack’s chest is so pretty in the future? Check out the clip from tonight’s episode, above — in which it is revealed that (SPOILER!) Hurley loves ranch dressing — and spend your morning reading along with us as we take a tour through the Web’s Lost rumormongering.

Lost fans are no strangers to Matthew Fox’s plentiful chest hair, but flash-forward Jack is as smooth as baby Aaron’s bottom. What happened to all his “torso fur?” [Defamer]

• Similarly, where is Jack’s appendectomy scar in the future? Also, Christian Shephard could be leading his daughter Claire toward some truth or revelation, or it could just be the Smoke Monster leading her to her grave. [TV Squad]

• The producers have noted that some characters might be classified as undead, which means that Locke and Claire are probably dead, except not. [DocArzt]

• But if Claire really is dead and doesn’t get to raise Aaron as the psychic told her she must, then all hell is going to break loose. [DocArzt]

• Good old Smokey might be based on an Egyptian deity, or even God in the Old Testament. Or it could just be an alien life-form that came to the island and created a rip in space-time with its spaceship when it arrived, no big deal. [EW]

• Evil redhead Charlotte probably worked for Sun’s crazy father at some point. In other news, Miles is fascinated by Claire because she’s dead but can still carry her baby. [EW]

• The appendix, which Jack had cut out of him, is a wormlike security system of sorts for the body. Sound like Smokey to you? [Powell’s Books]

• Once again, Aaron is the Antichrist, and it’s the visions of his rise to power that keep Charles Widmore from sleeping at night. [EYE M SICK]

• Christian Shephard is one of the Others — you can totally tell from his outfits. [Magic Lamp]

• Jack didn’t really have appendicitis. Instead Juliet had to remove something that had been implanted and he had to be knocked out during surgery so he wouldn’t find out about it. [Magic Lamp]

• Vincent is the Smoke Monster! [Film Fodder]
—Michael Alan Connelly

Tonight’s ‘Lost’: Tracking the Internet’s Crazy (or Are They?) Theories