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Two-Face Concept Art Confirms ‘Dark Knight’ Will Be No Fun at All

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent.Courtesy of Warner Bros.

We got made fun of by our trusty commenters the other day for complaining that the new Dark Knight trailer made the movie look like “a bit of a slog.” “Yeah, good point guys,” wrote one commenter. “Why can’t these people make a film about a man trying bring justice to a city in the name of revenge for his slain parents more fun and uplifting?” Wrote another: “We’ve seen what happens when they don’t take the material seriously and try to make Batman more ‘fun’ and mainstream, it fails miserably … If you want ‘fun’ watch Baby Mama.”

So will The Dark Knight really be as dark and bleak as the trailers make it seem? Will it really be kind of unpleasant to sit through, or are we just being stupid about it? Let’s take a look at some leaked concept art for the character of Harvey Dent, better known to comics fans as Two-Face. (Spoilers ahead, obviously.)

Just kidding! We’re not allowed to even run a tiny version of this image! Warner Bros. lawyers are too scary! Just go over to io9, since they’re crazy and won’t take it down.

Anyway, this movie is gonna be awesome … and no goddamn fun at all.

See The Batman Concept Art They Tried To Hide [io9.com]

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Two-Face Concept Art Confirms ‘Dark Knight’ Will Be No Fun at All