Usher Would Appreciate It If You Bought Dinner for Once

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1. Usher, “Trading Places”
In this leaked track from Ush’s upcoming Here I Stand, he switches roles with his girlfriend, asking her to take him on a date and “order Chinese food right before you do me.” [Boss Blue Music]

2. Lindsay Lohan, “Bossy”
On Lohan’s new track she claims, “If I want it, then I get it — now.” Mink-wearing club kids can probably back her up on this one. [Beeb Blog]

3. Rolling Stones, “I’m Free (DJ Shadow Chase Bank Remix)”
First came the Nokia promotion, and now we find that Shadow took a crack at remixing the Stones for Chase, but they ended up using another version in the commercial. Does it count as selling out if they pay you for doing nothing? [Party Ends]

4. Middle Distance Runner, “Momma”
Whoever handles Hallmark’s TV-advertising account will get really excited when they find out that MDR has created a Mother’s Day song, until they find out that while awesome, it’s more hilarious tantrum than sweet sincerity. [Pasta Primavera]

5. Everybody Was in the French Resistance … Now, “Hey It’s Jimmy Mac”
Art Brut’s Eddie Argos paints Martha (and, presumably, her Vandellas) as melodramatic in this response to their classic “Jimmy Mac.” “If that’s your attitude,” he says. “I’m never coming back.” [Pitchfork]
—Ehren Gresehover

Usher Would Appreciate It If You Bought Dinner for Once