Who’s in the Coffin? Why Are the Oceanic Six Lying? Let the Internet Spoil ‘Lost’ for You

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With this week’s Lost finale coming up fast, some fans just can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen. If you’re one of them — if you’re desperate for spoilers — the Internet is just the place for you. Lost spoiler king DarkUFO has offered up a synopsis of a big chunk of Thursday’s finale, and fans are already chewing the spoilers over on message boards. (DarkUFO later had to take down his video spoilers, but they’re preserved in this podcast on ODI.)

As the podcasters note, there’s no guarantee these spoilers are true — although this source has been right all season long, the ODI podcasters claim they “have confirmation that alternate endings have been filmed.” So this could all be bogus. But after the jump, check out the most likely answers we have for some of the big questions of this season of Lost, including these: Who dies? Who lives? How do the Oceanic Six get off the island? Why are they lying about the island? And who the hell is in that coffin?


The podcast is almost 40 minutes long, though it’s a good listen, and if you’re totally obsessed, we recommend checking out the whole thing. But if you just want the details, here they are.

Who dies?
Keamy, the mercenary, is killed by Ben at the Orchid station.
Michael dies when the freighter blows up, although he helps delay the bomb, giving others time to get off the boat.

Who lives?
Sawyer and (probably) Jin, who end up in the water as the freighter explodes — although Jin’s fate is apparently up in the air a bit.

How do the Oceanic Six get off the island?
By helicopter. Sawyer gives Kate a good-bye kiss, then leaps into the water; Sun and Aaron escape the freighter onto the copter, which then takes off just before the freighter blows up.

Why are they lying about the island?
Locke has convinced Jack that telling the truth about the island would endanger the island and everyone on it. Jack convinces the rest of the Six to go along with the plan.

What is “frozen donkey wheel,” the code name for the big reveal near the end of the episode?
“Frozen donkey wheel” is an actual frozen wheel below the Orchid station that moves the island. Yes, we recognize this seems crazy.

Who is in the coffin?
The coffin contains the body of John Locke. Ben approaches Jack in the funeral parlor and tells him that they need to get Locke’s body back to the island so he can be resurrected.

Yes, resurrected.

Is this all true?
Could be!

Who’s in the Coffin? Why Are the Oceanic Six Lying? Let the Internet Spoil ‘Lost’ for You