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Young Jeezy: Class Act

Photo: Getty Images

“It was a twist, because it was talking about making love in the club. I’m a G. I don’t do stuff like that.” Young Jeezy on his contribution to Usher’s “Love in This Club” (we can only assume that “G” stands for “gentleman”) [MTV]

“For me, it’s kind of like vomiting. Not that film is like vomit, but more like this mass of ideas and thoughts that you have and just have to put them out there.” Harmony Korine on his filmmaking process [A.V. Club]

“Tony Stark is such a badass. He’s got troubles, but he’s even darker than Batman, because he’s not a namby-pamby. Batman’s crying all the time.” Simon Pegg on Iron Man [MTV]

“My sister inspired me to do it. She was throwing away loads of my pictures one day and I asked her why. She said ‘it’s not like they’re going to be hanging in the Louvre.” Banksy on sneaking his artwork into the Louvre [Reuters]

“I’ve been offered a bit part in the Sandler movie — me and another well-known gay guy. That’s the whole gag, one line. I think I have more life in me than being a side gag in an Adam Sandler movie.” Harvey Fierstein [AP via Yahoo]

Young Jeezy: Class Act