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Angelina and Brad Buying the ‘Times’ International Prom Story?

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We hear that Hollywood is buzzing about Brooke Hauser’s totally great Times “City”-section story about the first-ever prom at Brooklyn’s International High School. (You know, the one from this Sunday with the adorable kids from Tibet, Senegal, China, and other countries all over the world trying to figure out what prom means, whether to go, and how to find a dress?) Sources tell us that it’s been submitted by producers to nearly every studio, but the big news is that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reportedly brought it personally to Paramount. (“Plan B’s such development hell right now, maybe Maddox and the twins can star in it,” an exec at another Hollywood studio joked.)

We can already imagine the fantastic movie this story would make, but if you’re having trouble seeing it, just check out the Timesaccompanying video feature, which is basically an amazing ten-minute short in and of itself. Whichever studio buys this better not screw it up.

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Angelina and Brad Buying the ‘Times’ International Prom Story?