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Authors of Competing Mandatory-Sex Memoirs Must Be Pretty Sick of Each Other by Now

Doug and Annie Brown and Brad and Charla Muller appeared on the Today show this morning to flog their competing books on married couples who vow to have sex every night for n nights: Just Do It, by the Browns (n = 101), and 365 Nights, by the Mullers (n = 365). It certainly hasn’t hurt these couples that their books were published nearly simultaneously — it’s gotten them the kind of coverage most first-time authors can only dream of — but after the “Sunday Styles” story and dozens and dozens more, surely these two couples are getting a little bored with each other, right?

They hid it well this morning, staying admirably on message, except for one moment — above — when Annie Brown can’t help but brag that she and her husband never, ever took a day off during their romantic marathon, unlike some couples. We think it’s classy that Charla Muller — clearly the adorable breakout star of the foursome — doesn’t snap, “101 days is nothing, slacker!” So off they’ll go, for more mandatory joint publicity, a horrible daily obligation they can’t believe they got themselves into. Look for the quartet’s jointly written book, Back to the Green Room: Three Months of Inescapable Book Publicity With the Same Assholes, in summer 2009.

Sex Memoir Authors Must Be Sick of Each Other