‘Battlestar Galactica’: Season Hiatus Brings Answers, Honest-to-God Answers!

Don’t look so confused, guys — all has been revealed!Photo courtesy of Sci Fi

Suffering through the convoluted plot twists and out-of-character action marring recent shows, we’ve told ourselves that all Battlestar chesslike moves were groundwork for something amazing. And our patience actually paid off! “Revelations,” the last episode before the season hiatus, might even sustain us until the show resumes in 2009.

They Have a Plan
So what did we get — the identity of the last Cylon or the location of Earth? Well, our expectations were upended again. We got the ending that found the Fleet and Rebel Cylons working together to find the planet — and discovering it had been nuked! All the hugging upon the discovery pretty well indicated a twist was coming, but the gut-punch shot of a decimated cityscape was truly epic. Did the human race destroy itself? Did the hawkish Cylon faction get there before our heroes? And does any of this explain what happened in The Road?

There were many other little tidbits. D’Anna claimed that the final Cylon is not in the Fleet, so it’s probably someone she hasn’t seen before. Does that make our left-field pick —Adama’s long-dead son, Zak — more likely? We think so! Of course, anyone who died before the show or during the Cylons’ initial strike on the colonies is probably in play now, too.

Meanwhile, it’s becoming more clear that the fate of the human race might just rest on Lee Adama’s shoulders. As the interim president, he had to square off against D’Anna, who’s after the four Cylons, and deal with his father’s mental collapse. With Bill’s fragile state and Laura Roslin’s terminal cancer, someone is gonna need to make the big decisions, and Lee’s new position of authority is in keeping with Battlestar’s recent transference of power to the younger generation.

And let’s not forget the four Cylons who have revealed themselves. Tory, no surprise, seems thrilled to be with her Toaster brothers and sisters, but Tigh, Anders, and Chief have been more conflicted, and their changing relationship with the Fleet will be a major development when the show returns in ‘09. Sigh. We’ll know who the next president and World Series champions are before we learn the last frakin’ Cylon. —Tim Grierson

‘Battlestar Galactica’: Season Hiatus Brings Answers, Honest-to-God Answers!