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‘Baywatch: The Musical’ Scuttled by Idiots, Says David Hasselhoff

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“A while back I tried to buy the rights because I wanted to do Baywatch the musical. It would have been fantastic! But they’re idiots… they’re all idiots. Corporate people only think of dollars and cents.” David Hasselhoff on the future of Baywatch [AOL]

“CBS felt that the name Bruce sounded too gayish, and they wanted David. I thought it was the most absurd, ridiculous thing I’d ever heard.” Lou Ferrigno on why the network changed Bruce Banner to David Banner for the Hulk TV show [USAT]

“Yes, I swore, and I’m so fucking sorry.” —Joan Rivers [People]

“Mark Wahlberg usually plays those dominant roles, and I’m investigating him. I’m taking control of the situation. That’s gonna be crazy. Most of my scenes are with Mark. He’s a real cool dude, real rich dude. Let me borrow some money, Mark.” Ludacris on his upcoming film Max Payne [MTV]

“I always tell people regarding improvising, Steve’s an abstract expressionist and I finger paint. I’m a very good finger painter, but it’s on a different level.” Anne Hathaway on Steve Carell [AP via Yahoo]

“I did four sit-ups to prepare myself for this role. Over two days. I spread it out because I didn’t want to be too sore.” —Steve Carell [E!]

‘Baywatch: The Musical’ Scuttled by Idiots, Says David Hasselhoff